11/01/2012 09:52 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Kelly Brook Attends Netflix Launch Party, MyDaily Wants To Steal Her Capelet

Last night Netflix marked the launch of their online movie and video streaming service in the UK with a party at Sketch, London attended by MyDaily favourite, Kelly Brook in a fur-collared capelet.

Kelly Brook attends Netflix launch party, excitable hair swishing ensues Photos: Wenn

Ms Brook is wearing some cute party clobber - as you would expect - opting for a black lace dress and plain heels and topping the whole thing off with a fur-collared capelet (obvs, given Kelly's previous ad campaigns for animal activist PETA, we're assuming it's fake fur). Said capelet is now at the top of our wardrobe wishlist.

The other thing that really caught our attention though was all the hair swishing. I mean video streaming is great and all but does it really warrant this level of 'Just stepped out of the salon' hair tossing?

For more Kelly in party dresses do click on the gallery below: