11/01/2012 07:45 GMT | Updated 11/01/2012 07:58 GMT

Take Me Out Scandals Continue With 'Wild Sex Party'

The days of Take Me Out being compared to more innocent dating shows such as Cilla's Blind Date are long gone, after contestants in the latest series continue to make the papers for their promiscuous off-screen antics.

Up to 90 contestants from the ITV show, hosted by Paddy McGuiness are said to have taken part in a "a wild sex and booze party at a £4.5million mansion" last weekend.

The Sun reports the party to celebrate the new series "turned into a frantic sex and booze tear-up" - and has the pictures to prove it.

Only yesterday we reported that contestant Aaron Withers worked as a £50-an-hour male escort. And today, his 'lucky' date from the show, Wen-Jing Mo, has claimed he "manipulated her into bed".

After Withers' escort past involving a violent incident was revealed, Mo told the Daily Mirror: "I would definitely not have slept with him if I'd known he had punched a woman. He definitely lied just to get into bed with me. I'm 100% sure.

"He manipulated me just to have sex with him. He manipulated this whole situation. Not only has he made a fool out of me, he's got me cut out of the show - so I'm really p**sed off."

Take Me Out became a hit last year, after Paddy's "no likey, no lighty" caught on amongst viewers. The attitude of people who volunteer themselves to be picked out from a line-up of contestants on prime-time TV for their looks, and usually little else, has always been questionable, but now events appear a distinctly more unseemly turn.

A source told The Sun: "Take Me Out is known for attracting 'up for it' young people." However, a spokesperson for TalkbackTHAMES added: "We will review procedures."

SLIDESHOW: Meet some of the contestants from the show below. These girls are not necessarily the party-goers mentioned above.

Take Me Out Girls