12/01/2012 11:51 GMT | Updated 12/01/2012 11:53 GMT

Baby Sloths' Bath Time Sees The Sleepy Critters Dunked In Tubs Of Green Tea (Video)

Sloths are cute. Sure, they've got a reputation for being lazy so-and-sos, but have you seen the baby ones? They're grade A adorable.

They're even more adorable when they're having a bath, as you'll discover from this disarmingly sweet video we've got for you above.

Washed and scrubbed by their handlers as part of an Animal Planet TV documentary, it reveals the interesting tidbit that a sloth's favourite food is a hibiscus flower, which is apparently like "sloth chocolate".

But whereas with humans, chocolate makes us all excitable, with sloths it looks like it makes them - you guessed it - fall asleep into a big pile of adorable slothiness.

And while we've got you here, thinking about sloths, here's a little video gallery of YouTube's favourite sloth superstars. We should warn you now, though - they're all epically sweet. True story.