12/01/2012 08:23 GMT | Updated 12/01/2012 08:38 GMT

Sir Anthony Hopkins 'Composer': Actor Debuts First Album - 5 Actors Who've Turned To Music

Sir Anthony Hopkins has debuted the fruits of his musical labour, recorded from the time he joined the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra as a composer.

The Silence Of The Lambs actor has spent years starring on the silver screen - but now, at the age of 74, he is about to release his first album.

Sir Anthony Hopkins Composer, featuring his original work performed by the Orchestra, is released on 16 January, but nine tracks from the album can be heard on The Telegraph's website now.

Hopkins isn't the first actor to turn to music, here are five other male actors-turned-musicians - with varying degrees of success...

Steve Martin

Comedic actor Martin released platinum-selling albums off the back of his appearances in the seventies on US shows such as Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show. And the track Excuse Me on his first album, Let's Get Small, helped establish a national catch-phrase.

William Shatner

Captain James T Kirk enjoyed enduring fame and fortune with Star Trek but also started a musical career with the spoken-word album in 1968, The Transformed Man, delivering exaggerated, interpretive recitations of Mr. Tambourine Man and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. He released a well-received second studio album in 2004 called Has Been, and a third, Seeking Major Tom, was released last year.

Hugh Laurie

The House star holds the coveted title as the highest-paid actor in a drama series in the history of US television, and has even managed to squeeze his own musical performances into episodes of the hit show. In 2011 Laurie was the subject of the ITV series Perspectives, which explained his love for the music of New Orleans and saw him play music, from his album Let Them Talk, at studios and live venues in the city.

Robert Pattinson

Twilight heartthrob R-Patz plays the guitar and piano and has proved he's more than just a popular vampire by singing on two songs on the Twilight soundtrack. Pattinson once called music his "back-up plan if acting fails" and in 2010 he was awarded the award of Hollywood's Most Influential Top Unexpected Musicians.

Bruce Willis

Mr Die Hard flexed his vocal muscles in the late 1980s, enjoying moderate success with pop-blues album The Return of Bruno. Follow-up recordings were not as successful, though Willis has returned to the recording studio several times. His most recent album, Classic Bruce Willis: The Universal Masters Collection, was released in 2001.