13/01/2012 06:15 GMT | Updated 14/01/2012 05:44 GMT

Chinese Man Burns Wife's Savings After She Hides 8,000 Yuan In The Cooker

A man in China has burned his wife's savings after she hid them inside a cooker.

Li Dongling from Foshan in China's Guangdong Province decided to stash her 8,000 Yuan (around £800) in her rice cooker after a string of burglaries.

"I thought the rice cooker would be the safest place," she said. "No one would check there."

Unfortunately, according to online reports, no one did - including her husband.

Li forgot to tell her hubbie about the scheme - and when he came back a little peckish a few days later disaster struck.

Turning on the cooker to boil some water, he soon smelled smoke.

"Something was wrong," he said. "Then I saw billows of smoke from the cooker. ... I called my wife and she shouted at me over the phone, calling me a moron."

In total the man turned about 3,000 Yuan to ashes - and while the couple's bank say they will replace any complete charred notes, the couple have surely learned their lesson.