13/01/2012 04:51 GMT | Updated 16/01/2012 05:29 GMT

Meet The Kitten... From Hell! (Video)

As regular readers will already know, cats are inherently a little bit creepy. In fact, it's almost a tautology to say "creepy cat" at all.

But this little kitty... this little kitty's gonna scare you. Think we're kidding? Click play on the video above and try not to jump out of your seat. A little bit, anyway.

In fact, YouTuber "MoonGrate" has even warned viewers about watching his video, calling it "Kitten from Hell (Don't watch if you're easily scared!)" - a fair warning if ever there was one.

So if you're drinking a hot drink, standing on one leg or carefully contructing the Eiffel Tower out of matchsticks and glue, stop what you're doing before you watch this video. Trust us, you'll be grateful for the advice.