13/01/2012 02:21 GMT | Updated 13/03/2012 05:12 GMT

Roxanne Pallett Speaks About Dog Attack: 'I Was So Frightened'

Roxanne Pallett feared she would "get bitten, beaten up or stabbed" by the group of "mental" yobs who targeted her on a train and allegedly threatened to set a ferocious dog on her.

It was revealed on Thursday that the former Emmerdale star, famous for playing Jo Sugden, was allegedly threatened by two guys and one female, who attempted to unleash their Staffordshire bull terrier on her during a trip home to Manchester.

The actress gave a statement to transport police, and she has now detailed her horror in a bid to catch the hooligans.

She tells The Sun: "I've never been so frightened. I thought I was going to get bitten, beaten up or stabbed. They went mental. One picked up the dog and gestured that he was going to throw it at me.

"The others were just laughing and saying, 'Go on, get her... throw the dog at her'. He was thrusting it at me - using it like a weapon.

"I'm a tough person but I was shaking for an hour afterwards. They could have given someone a heart attack. I just thought, 'This is going to end bad'."

The star is convinced booze was a factor in the attack, adding: "They could have had knives - and they were off their heads on drugs and alcohol. They were very rowdy. Then they started shouting out my name. Everyone who is an actor is used to getting recognised. But this went on for half an hour. They were saying how they hated Emmerdale, celebrities and actors. It was really derogatory stuff...

"(They) started calling me 'little s**g', 'b**ch', 'ugly'. They were talking about my character, saying: 'If I was Andy Sugden I would have f**ked her up even more. Andy Sugden should have finished you off.'

"At that point they all got up and walked over. That's when I realised it was two massive men with dogs. They had two and both looked like the ferocious ones you'd see guarding something in a film.

"The dogs were snarling at me. I was trapped in my seat. I just couldn't get out as they'd blocked me off. I was on my own and so scared. Then one of them picked up one of the dogs and started laughing."

Roxy escaped when she attempted to take the gang's photo on her phone and she called for assistance - but she was left shocked by the reaction from train officials.

She adds: "The driver came out and said: 'What the hell are you doing?' He didn't even ask me what was wrong. I said: 'Don't open the doors we need to get someone.' But he did nothing. All I wanted to do was get a member of staff to assist me. But as we were in a station, the gang just ran off laughing. I wanted them sorted out because an hour later they could have been mugging an old lady.

"I didn't want to open the newspaper in a month and see that they've knifed an old lady. We should all report things like this. They were out for trouble. It's come to something in society when you're scared to travel on the train."

The incident is under investigation.


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