13/01/2012 06:04 GMT | Updated 13/01/2012 09:09 GMT

Comedian Stephen Colbert To Run In Republican Primary - With Help From Jon Stewart (VIDEO)

American comedian Stephen Colbert is officially investigating a run for President - or at least a run for President during the South Carolina primary. In the guise of his spoof right-wing chat show host, of course.

After a poll revealed that the Colbert Report host was ahead of candidate Jon Huntsman in South Carolina - the next Republican primary, taking place on 21 January - Colbert pondered on Wednesday if he should consider a run for President. After explaining that he would have to go home and "talk it over with his money," he said he would be making "a big announcement" on Thursday night's episode.

And that he did. After bringing on friend and former boss Jon Stewart - who said he "would be honoured" to run Colbert's Super PAC (see explanation for Brits here) - Colbert revealed that he is "forming an exploratory committee to lay the groundwork for my possible candidacy for the President of the United States of South Carolina."


You can watch the momentous announcement below: