16/01/2012 15:49 GMT | Updated 16/01/2012 15:52 GMT

'Lazy Jedi' Video Shows The Web What Using The Force Would Really Be Like Every Morning (Video)

Watching the Star Wars trilogy - no of course Episodes I-III don't count - you don't really get the chance to think about the daily practicalities of being a Jedi.

How does laundry work? Do Jedis brush up dust on the floor with their minds? Do you toast your bread by slicing through a fresh loaf with your light saber?

YouTubers Warialasky seek to answer a couple of those queries with this lovely little video about the world's laziest Jedi. Waking up with what appears to be a hangover the size of a black hole, he stumbles about his flat, Forcing things into walls, falling over a lot and generally being an idiot. An idiot who possesses midi-chlorians.

In case you were wondering, the man playing the laziest Jedi, Dave Ackerman, also has his own YouTube channel, where you can see him doing similarly silly things. Perhaps not involving The Force as much as we'd like, but there you go.

And for another little treat from the Warialasky boys, check out their other amusing little riff on pop culture, "Rubber Band Of Brothers", below. The title pretty much says it all, to be honest.