16/01/2012 09:50 GMT

Pakistani Woman Denied Asylum In UK Despite Fear Of Taliban Reprisals

A Pakistani woman who claimed she could become a victim of Taliban reprisals because a member of her family is a counter-terrorism police officer has been denied asylum in the United Kingdom.

The High Court in London ruled on Monday that the "general risk" of being a victim of violence in Pakistan "does not give rise to valid asylum or human rights claims" in the UK.

The 30-year-old woman known only as "MK" said she had received threats because her brother-in-law is a senior CID officer in Karachi.

He had travelled to London in 2010 to receive treatment for injuries sustained during a terrorist attack on the office where he worked.

While he returned to Pakistan he advised her to remain in Britain for their own safety. But the home secretary Theresa May rejected her application for asylum on the grounds that she could seek the protection of Pakistani authorities.

MK challenged the decisions on the grounds that the Pakistani government was not able to provide adequate protection given the ability of the Taliban to mount attacks.

But in rejecting her appeal, Mr Justice Burnet cited an attack on the head of Karachi's CID as proof the authorities were able to provide protection.

"It was those providing protection who were killed and injured," he said. "No absolute guarantee of safety can be provided."