16/01/2012 07:34 GMT | Updated 16/01/2012 07:37 GMT

Man Drinks Three Unopened Bottles Of Beer With His Hands Behind His Back... In 37 Seconds (Video)

To be fair to everyone else who isn't Chris Schewe here, the bottles of Budweiser he's downing are American-made, and as they're American-made, they have screw tops instead of proper British opener-required tops.

We tell you this just in case you were a) wondering how he did it or b) thinking about trying it yourself at home. Please don't try this yourself at home, by the way. It will end badly. To be honest, it's a miracle he doesn't burp himself into oblivion here anyway.

Perhaps best known for chaining himself to a fountain at New York's Albany University last year, Chris Schewe is, at a push, a minor hero on the internet, a loveable fellow who seems to mainly enjoy eating weird things (vaseline, oil, paper) and getting a bit of attention online in the process.

Again, don't try any of this. Ever. The man's a... well, a loon, basically.

In this particular beer-filled video, Schewe - or "Shooey!" as he's known - claims to break the world record for this unusual stunt, polishing off three beers in 37 seconds in front of three very impressed British tourists.

By us, it just looks like a very impressive / dangerous party trick, but you've got to admire his skill - and his ability to take the phrase "necking a beer" 100% literally.

To find out more about Mr. Schewe and his antics, check out his YouTube channel and his Facebook page. And this gallery of some of the weirdest things he's done / eaten... ever. Be warned, it's pretty weird. Seriously weird, in fact.