16/01/2012 11:13 GMT | Updated 18/01/2012 12:54 GMT

Skiing Witches Hurtle Down Swiss Mountain In Honour Of Belalp Hexe Week (PICTURES)

Can you believe it? The 30th edition of Switzerland's Belalp Hexe witches-only skiing race is already upon us. Doesn't time fly when you're wearing a wart-covered prosthetic nose and a pointy black hat, eh?

Wait, what?

Taking part in one of Switzerland's weirder traditions, hundreds of wannabe witches dressed up and got their skis on over the weekend, competing in a 7.5-mile mountain skiing race down a total of 5,905 feet, beginning to end.

The idea behind the downhill Witches' Descent race is that once upon a time, a witch who murdered her husband was burned at the stake - and the townfolk of the swiss village of Belalp like to celebrate that fact through the medium of sliding down compacted snow on a pair of waxed plastic strips. As you do.

It almost makes cheese-rolling look normal, doesn't it? Or maybe that's going too far...