17/01/2012 04:20 GMT | Updated 17/01/2012 05:41 GMT

Adam Ant's House Raided By Border Agency

Pop star Adam Ant's home has been raided by the UK Border Agency after it was discovered an illegal immigrant was allegedly staying with the 80s icon.

A 36-year-old woman, who is a Japanese national, was taken into custody by border officials during the dawn raid on Monday.

A group of 10 police officers arrived at Adam's home at 6.40am and spent 40 minutes questioning the star before the woman emerged smoking a cigarette and was escorted to a van by six police.

According to the Daily Mirror, Adam's lawyer Dean Dunham confirmed the woman is a friend of the singer and has tried to extend her visa to stay in the U.K.

He said: "This lady is one of Adam's friends. She is co-operating fully with the authorities. She had attempted to make the correct applications to extend her visa but the authorities had been dealing with the wrong address."

A neighbour of the star said that there were all kinds of "comings and goings" at the Knightsbridge, London home and that the Vive Le Rock singer did not mix with other people in the street.

The neighbour says: "People are in and out of that house all day, every day. God knows who they all are. There's all sorts who visit. It's like a constant stream of visitors.

"I don't really know him and he doesn't mix with his neighbours from what I've seen."

Adam, real name Stuart Goddard, has displayed strange behaviour in previous years and has a history of mental illness.

In 2002 he was arrested after he threw a car alternator through a pub window in Camden and threatened the people inside with a replica pistol.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph about his illness last year, Adam said: "I feel very grateful to be alive and well enough to make music because for a time there, it was like the Alamo. It really was. It got a bit sticky."

A statement from the UK Border Agency reads: "A 36-year-old Japanese national was arrested for immigration offences at an address in the Knightsbridge area and is now detained, pending her removal from the U.K.

"Our officers carry out hundreds of operations like this every year across London, and where we find people who are in the U.K. illegally we will seek to remove them."