17/01/2012 08:58 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Tangerine Tango: Vanessa Hudgens Goes Top-To-Toe Orange

It looks like Vanessa Hudgens heard the news that Tangerine Tango was Pantone's Colour of 2012 and embraced it like it was a long-lost child via this orange gown.

Tangerine Tango: Vanessa Hudgens goes top-to-toe orange Photo: Getty

The former High School Musical star opted for the orange floorsweeper (which looks a bit red in this picture but we promise you it was far more orange in real life/on the telly) with the fringing as she hit the red carpet (which has irritatingly managed to keep it's colour).

There's a teeny fashion faux pas in that you can see the black bra peeping out, possibly because the dress doesn't quite fit right. Hands up who thinks it looks a bit big on the petite actress? Does no-one's stylist bring safety pins anymore?

Oh, and we're not entirely sure about the choice of brown bag. Or the ice dancer aftertaste left by the fringing.

In fact we've managed to talk ourselves out of liking the entire dress (except the colour, which really suits her) so let's just remember how adorable she was in Melbourne instead:

Tangerine Tango: Vanessa Hudgens goes top-to-toe orange Photo: Getty

And for famous fans of orange, have a look at the gallery below:

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