19/01/2012 07:01 GMT | Updated 19/01/2012 08:14 GMT

Animals Playing With iPads Supercut Shows Cats, Dogs, Cockatoos Using Apps (VIDEO) is one of those websites you love to visit, but have no idea how to say out loud. It's also one of those websites that isn't afraid of a good supercut - something we heartily endorse here at HuffPost UK Comedy.

Their latest video compilation takes all the finest animals-playing-with-touchscreen devices clips and cuts them altogether to produce a glorious, masterful whole.

In it you'll see cats "scratching" an "LP", frogs biting people's thumbs and baby monkeys wearing diapers - all you need for a good day's YouTubing, and just the thing to send to your animal obsessive work colleague.

To see each video individually, head to Slackatory's own website, which lists all of them in full - and then when you're done with that, come back and check out our increasingly enormous supercut video gallery, which you can find below.