19/01/2012 07:40 GMT | Updated 19/01/2012 08:02 GMT

'The Many D'Ohs Of Homer Simpson' Supercut Finally Arrives (VIDEO)

The quality of recent Simpsons episodes might not be as good as their golden years, but there's still one thing guaranteed to get a chuckle out of us here at HuffPost Comedy UK - a good, solid d'oh-ing.

The preferred exclamation of misfortune used by the head of the Simpsons family has been said hundreds of times over the years - and now we've got the supercut to prove it.

Created by YouTuber "Andrewjcm" from material produced by Matt Groening and the boys over at Fox, it's not got every single last d'oh, but considering there are over four minutes of the damn things here, that's pretty much okay by us.

That said, before you watch it, know this: at first, it seems quite monotonous. Then, after around about a minute, it builds up speed and becomes, somehow, very, very funny. Part of it has to be the nostalgia factor of course, but there's definitely something special about it - something mesmerising...

Let us know what you think and if you like it, we'll add it to the "best supercuts ever" collection below - a seriously prestigious accolade, as we all know.