20/01/2012 12:35 GMT

Cheryl Cole Makes Tongue-In-Cheek Dig At Simon Cowell After Topping Judging Poll

We've not seen much of Cheryl Cole recently, so-much-so we were beginning to think she'd dropped off the face of the earth.

But Chez has reminded everyone she's still very much around by making a tongue-in-cheek dig at old boss Simon Cowell.

Cheryl proved she's obviously now able to laugh about the whole X Factor USA debacle as she joked about her short-lived judging stint on Twitter.

In a tweet to Simon, the singer posted a link to a Virgin Media TV Awards poll that showed her having been voted the Best Judge for her X Factor USA role.

She said: "Oh my! And all in a couple days work, LOVE this @SimonCowell."

Who knew she had such a sense of humour?

The pair were rumoured to have recently made up, despite Cheryl turning down Simon's offer of a role on Britain's Got Talent.

But they're both yet to follow each other on Twitter and we all know that being pals on the internet is the real testament of friendship...


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