Dancing On Ice: Heidi Range Confesses To Strange Dancing Noises

Heidi Range has admitted her Dancing On Iceperformances are not exactly music to the ears - because she cannot stop grunting.

The 28-year-old Sugababes singer has revealed she is the Maria Sharapova of the rink as sounds spill from her lips due to the exertion of routines.

Heidi said the "manly grunts" and yelps often surprise her professional partner, Andrei Lipanov, during rehearsals, and she's glad she has no microphone.

"We've been trying some lifts, really high ones, this week and I'm shaking like a leaf during them, screaming and making random noises - I'm shocked by the noises I make," she said. "Some of them are quite manly grunts, and sometimes I sound like my little dog, Betty."

The star has already amassed an array of injuries from the ITV1 show and is taking multi-vitamins and anti-inflammatories with ice packs to hand.

"I had a bone come out of my wrist, a bone come out of my ribs and pulled a muscle in my bum, but nothing serious. The wrist was when I fell on to my hand, but the rib and the bum are from the lifts.

"The lifts are hard - even though the guy is holding you, you have to be so strong to hold on to the position. That's why I've been going to the gym to try and keep my strength."

Heidi admitted she was hugely disappointed to be put in the skate-off opposite Blue Peter presenter Andy Akinwolere in the first show.

"I was gutted, I really was. I've been training for so long and you get to the first show, and that's when the excitement starts," she said. "I don't want it to end, I genuinely love it."

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