20/01/2012 06:34 GMT | Updated 21/03/2012 05:12 GMT

Resident Evil 6 Debut Trailer - WATCH

The Resident Evil 6 trailer is out now. Scared yet?

It's ten years since the terrifying events of Raccoon City, and we seem to be in an Asian country, or at least a grim neon-lit Chinatown, possibly an un-explored Raccoon suburb. Or not.

Leon Kennedy looks like some kind of long-haired David Beckham and .. wait, what's that? He shoots the president in the head?! Cripes. Things are getting bad.

Helena is in charge, but some don't like it (issues with women? Or maybe just the feminine side of their warrior selves?) and keeps her hair on as she seeks the beast with Leon. Maybe they share hair products?

The trailer implies that the President is about to reveal some details on bio organic records when, schlock horror, he himself mutates into something heinous to be shot, and quick smart.

We hear that 90% of the population of this new location has been infected - worse than a chlamydia bloom in a college town. That means 70,000 hostiles - not great news if our heroes were planning on a nice retirement after that Raccoon incident.

A mysterious woman pops up and takes the blame, but they're hollow words. Whoever caused it, there's a bio hazard to deal with. Troops need calling. Creeps need shootin'.

It's a tough gig shooting all these bio freaks. Leon hardly gets paid as much as he did as a mercenary, but the sense of purpose and union organisation no doubt make up for his grumbling.

Now we just need Capcom to tells us when we can buy it, and where the devil this creep shooter is set?