20/01/2012 07:59 GMT

Sir Paul McCartney In Talks For London 2012 Olympics, Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Sir Paul McCartney is in talks to play a part in the London 2012 Olympics and said he "could easily" be involved in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee as well.

The former Beatle, who performed at the party in Buckingham Palace for the Golden Jubilee in 2002, said he was going to a meeting about the Games on Friday.

He said: "In actual fact I am seeing the guy tomorrow funnily enough because there is something they want me to do. I'm not sure what they want me to do, I think they'll tend to dictate it rather than me.

"I might be doing something in the Olympics. I won't know until tomorrow."

Sir Paul, who was speaking at a promotional event in London for his new album Kisses On The Bottom, said he was a "big fan of the Queen".

He said: "I think she's great and I think she does a great job and people say 'ugh, the monarchy and all that' but what are you going to get in return?

"You'll get like, David Cameron? I mean much as we may love him I'm not sure I want him to represent the whole of Britain. Anyway, so if I get asked I could easily do it."

Sir Paul's new album is named after a line from the Fats Waller song I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter which is the opening track on the record which comes out on February 6.

The 14-track album, his first non-classical work for more than four and a half years, is mainly cover versions with just two original songs.

Many of the songs, which include It's Only A Paper Moon and Bye Bye Blackbird, are standards Sir Paul remembers his father playing during his childhood.