21/01/2012 08:35 GMT | Updated 22/03/2012 05:12 GMT

Man Fires Nail Into Head But Doesn't Notice For 24 Hours

A man in America fired a 3.5in nail into his head but didn't notice for 24 hours.

Dante Autullo, from Chicago, was building a shed when he brushed the gun past his head, apparently causing it to automatically fire a nail.

After the accident the man asked his fiancée check his head for bleeding - but she couldn't see any blood.

"I thought it went past my ear," he said.

After carrying on with his day as normal - chatting to his family and ploughing snow, according to the Daily Mail - the man took a nap, but woke up feeling groggy and went to hospital.

When doctors performed an X-ray scan they found to their horror - and his - that the nail was deeply imbedded in his skull.

In a strange twist, Sky News said that the man posted an image of the scan on Facebook even before undergoing the procedure to remove it.

The AP reported that the nail had just missed the part of the brain that deal with motor control, which was why the man was able to carry on with his day as normal.

After undergoing a two hour operation the man is said to be doing well, with his family calling his lucky escape "a miracle".