23/01/2012 10:00 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Double Baby Joy For Lesbian Couple Who 'Took Turns' With Donor's Sperm

Lesbian couple's double baby joy! PA

When Anna Jones, 28, and Kirsty Cox, 23, got married last year, there was one thing they wanted to make their union complete - a baby.

The Gloucester couple dreamed of being mums, but thought they would never be blessed with a child as they were unable to afford fertility treatment.

That was until Anna's sister Lorraine happened to mention her sister and sister-in-law's desperation to her hairdresser, Brian. He was so moved by their plight that he offered to help them create the family they so desired.

Expecting it to be a long and difficult process, Kirsty and Anna took turns in trying for a baby with Brian's sperm, and to their shock and delight, they BOTH fell pregnant within two weeks of each other, going on to give birth to their babies just five days apart!

Speaking to The Mirror, the proud mums said their babies are often assumed to be twins. Kirsty, mum to Scarlett-Marie, and Anna, mum to Alfie, said they were "overjoyed" at their "perfect family", admitting that this time last year they thought they'd never have children of their own.

They said that Brian had given them a "wonderful gift" and that it was a "chance in a million" that her sister's hairdresser was thinking of becoming a sperm donor. "The chances of Kirsty and I both getting pregnant at the first attempt must be pretty remote too!" Anna added.

Anna explains that as they both wanted to experience carrying a baby, they decided to take it in turns until one of them conceived, having learned how to artificially inseminate themselves with Brian's sperm.

They said they were in "shock" when Kirsty had a positive pregnancy test on their first attempt, and then, the same for Anna just weeks later.

The women texted Brian their happy news, and he replied that he was "so happy" for them both.

The couple say that being pregnant together strengthened their relationship, and that they are loving every minute of being parents, whilst Brian visits every week and is "happy to be called Daddy".

What an amazing story!