Rihanna Can Act AND Work Hard, Reveals 'Battleship' Director (VIDEO)

Rihanna can definitely sing, and her ability to shock is beyond question, but the multi-faceted Barbadian has put her credibility on the line with a co-starring role in one of this year's biggest-budget blockbusters, Battleship.

With established star Liam Neeson at the helm, Alexander Skarsgard and upcoming Brad-Pitt-a-like Taylor Kitsch in the sidecar, this all-action epic adventure, based on the game of our youth, is Universal's centenary present to itself. Advance screenings are not allowed to be talked about at this stage, but it's safe to say millions of studio dollars have been spent.

So nobody's going to take a chance on one of the female leads failing to show up with the necessary acting chops to pull off her part, are they, or worse, not actually turning up at all because the beach came calling?

The fruits of her work will be evident with the release of Battleship on 20th April. In the meantime, director Peter Berg reveals just how professional Rihanna really was on the set of Battleship, in the video above.