24/01/2012 13:05 GMT

'Healthy' Diets Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Health-conscious women who cut out red meat and live on a diet of mainly chicken and fish, could be doing their bodies more harm than good.

Researchers warn that such diets can impair health and lead to an iron deficiency.

TV doctor and health campaigner Christian Jessen said: “The high rate of iron deficiency among women in a developed country like the UK is a real concern.

“The side effects are subtle and can creep on up you – you can end up feeling tired, lethargic with no get up and go.” Nutritionist Amanda Ursell said: “Red meat such as beef, lamb and pork... contains a wide variety of nutrients in a relatively small amount of food.”

An iron-rich diet needn’t entail gorging on steaks and burgers every night. If you’re concerned about your health and weight, try these meat-free iron-rich foods.

Iron-Rich Foods For Veggies