25/01/2012 11:23 GMT | Updated 25/01/2012 11:23 GMT

Wind Farm Leaves Christmas Tree Farmer Nick Williams Suffering From Depression

A Christmas tree farmer who has seen the value of his land almost halve after a 22-turbine wind farm was built near by has become so depressed he has been prescribed Prozac.

Nick Williams, 53, has been put on the antidepressant by his GP after suffering insomnia and he blames on noise from towering Fullabrook Wind Farm, several hundred yards from his farm in north Devon.

"I have been made to feel like a prisoner in my own home, which is wrong," he was quoted by the Press Association as saying.

"I go up to Bath to see my daughter and I don't want to come back here. And this house was my dream.

"It is affecting my health. I am in pain," he added. "I bought the bungalow because it was in a beautiful location with beautiful views. I brought it for the tranquillity and that has been destroyed."

Williams said he brought the house and land for £156,000 in 2005 after moving to the site in 1999. He had the land valued at £400,000 in 2008, but now says it has dropped to just £220,000.

The operator of the wind farm, ESB, has announced that it will increase the number of sites it monitors for noise from five to 12.

"We want the monitoring to be as full and robust as possible, and are therefore happy to increase the number of sites where monitoring will take place," a company spokesman said.