25/01/2012 10:46 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Outrage As Former Apprentice Star Katie Hopkins Says Ban Babies From Olympics

Former Apprentice star Katie Hopkins PA

Former Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins has outraged mums by saying "squawking breastfeeding babies" should be banned from the Olympics.

The controversial mum-of-three went on the BBC Breakfast sofa to defend 2012 chiefs who have declared that babies born AFTER their parents bought tickets for the Games will have to have a ticket to get in.

During a live studio discussion she went head-to-head with a representative from Mumsnet – who she described as the "mammary militia" – to say that children as old as six had no place at the showcase event.

But she was especially outraged at the idea of nursing mothers taking their babies.

"I don't want to sit next to a squawking baby," she said. "It would ruin my enjoyment."

She added that babies needed feeding and "a lot of attention" which wasn't fair on whoever ended up sitting next to a small child.

And at one point she suggested that mothers would continue to breastfeed their children until they were three years old to avoid paying for a ticket.

She went on to say that mothers who had bought tickets should fork out for babysitting if they wanted to attend the Games.

Her comments were in response to news reports that the 2012 organisers have said every child, including babes-in-arms, must have their own ticket.

Babies who do not have tickets for the Olympics will be excluded from the Games - even if they had not been conceived when their parents bought seats.

The issue has attracted fury on the Mumsnet website in the last few weeks, with parents saying they are being forced to pay full price for babies not yet born.

The Mumsnet spokeswoman on the BBC show was incredulous as Ms Hopkins spouted her views, but applauded her for being so controversial!

Viewers flocked to Twitter to voice both their support and outrage at Ms Hopkins comments, with the Commons' Speaker's wife Sally Bercow adding to the debate.

She tweeted: "Tempted to borrow a baby and take it to the Olympics. Only if I can sit right next to the truly objectionable Katie Hopkins."

A snapshot of comments from the social media site gives a flavour of the controversy.

"Katie Hopkins is quickly becoming the most hated woman in Britain - picking up where she left off in The Apprentice then!!"

"Every time I think I might not be a very nice human being I remind myself of Katie Hopkins and instantly feel much better."

"Oh ffs Twitter, shut up about Katie Hopkins. she's completely right! Why pay all that money for an Olympic ticket to hear a baby scream?!"

"Who on earth is Katie Hopkins? If she said babies shouldn't be taken to the Olympics I'd have to agree. Not really the place for them."

"I am going to take all 3 of my kids to the Olympics & sit them next to Katie Hopkins."


Who in their right mind would choose to take a baby to the Olympics? I wouldn't. But I would, provided I could sit next to Katie Hopkins.


"Dear Olympics organizers? What do I do with my ticket if it turns out that I have to sit next to Katie hopkins? Do I get a refund?"

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