25/01/2012 06:37 GMT

'Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut' Uses Fans To Recreate 'A New Hope' 15 Seconds At A Time (VIDEO)

Director Casey Pugh, video editor Aaron Valdez and sound mixer Bryan Pugh are, officially, bigger Star Wars fans than you.

After all, they're the guys behind uber-fan film Star Wars Uncut, a homemade feature created 15 seconds at a time by thousands of different wannabe Jedis contributing from all across the globe.

A humongous undertaking, the full-length film first started back in 2009 with a Twitter shout-out, won an Emmy in 2010, and now, in 2012, comes to YouTube in the form of this, the definitive, two hours long director's cut.

Expect R2D2s made out of bin lids, playstation controllers instead of blasters and some of the best C3PO impersonating this side of Tatooine. Endearingly nerdy, thy name is Star Wars Uncut.

The question is... which is better, Star Wars Uncut, or this, 'The Fastest And Funniest LEGO Star Wars Story Ever Told'? It's a tough one, it really is.

Then again, the LEGO version takes a couple of minutes to watch, whereas Star Wars Uncut takes a couple of hours. Hmm. Watch the two and let us know your favourite - if you have the time, that is...