25/01/2012 06:18 GMT | Updated 26/03/2012 06:12 BST

Tonight's TV Pick: Natural World, National TV Awards, Jodie Marsh

Here are our picks of this evening on television:

The National Television Awards - 7.30pm, ITV1

In a country whose televisual scene is increasingly dominated by the outcomes of various reality contests, it's fitting that X Factor presenter Dermot O'Leary should assume hosting duties for tonight's big gong-fest, celebrating the great and ad-revenue-rating of what's on the box.

With Doctor Who up against Downton Abbey, Waterloo Road and... Merlin?... for Best Drama, you know you're in for some unashamedly populist outcomes, but that doesn't mean quality is necessarily overlooked. And Dermot himself is in the running for Best Presenter in a strong field, including Michael McIntyre, Keith Lemon and the eternally enthusiastic Ant and Dec. You can click here to vote for your faves up until midday on Wednesday.

Natural World - 8pm, BBC2

One overlooked nomination for best entertainment performance is surely the slow loris, a bug-eyed too-cute primate who should be hanging out in the jungles of Java. But the fascinating critter is suffering the downside of its own success. While more than nine million people have harmlessly enjoyed the "tickling loris" on youtube, other more malevolent admirers have ten the endangered primate as a pet, often ripping out their teeth in the process. The loris can change hands for over $2,000 on the streets of Japan and Russia and expert presenter Dr Anna Nekaris is visibly incensed.

Jodie Marsh: Bullied - My Secret Past - 10pm, C5

Marsh has reinvented herself as a body builder, but the scars of the past remain. Not a week goes by without her revealing some hellish episode of life as a glamour model - collapsing implants is just the latest. Here, she relives memories of her school years, when she was endlessly bullied. Doesn't take a psychologist to see the connections between the past and the present.