26/01/2012 08:26 GMT | Updated 27/03/2012 06:12 BST

Coronation Street: Kate Ford Says Tracy Barlow Won't Give Up Steve McDonald

Coronation Street's Kate Ford has revealed Tracy Barlow will "never" give up on getting her claws into Steve McDonald.

The devious ex-con finally got Steve (Simon Gregson) to marry her, only for his ex-wife Becky to reveal Tracy to be the manipulative liar that she is.

Kate said: "Tracy's really messed it up hasn't she? She's spent like 20 years trying to get him and then she's messed it up at the last hurdle.

"But she's not going to give in ever!"

The 34-year-old actress admitted at the National Television Awards she was pleased not to have much in common with her character.

She laughed: "I can be a bit ratty sometimes. Hopefully that's all. I have friends. So that's good!"

Kate said she liked to play Tracy nice, rather than scheming all the time, but insisted she wouldn't ever change. "I think Tracy's been a bit nicer lately. A little bit nicer. I think a mixture is nice, otherwise it's all one thing.

"I think people would be really disappointed if she became nice, that's not who the character is and people don't want the character to change."