26/01/2012 17:00 GMT | Updated 27/03/2012 06:12 BST

Moon With A View (Finder) - Laurent Laveder's Amazing Moon Photographs

Who doesn't enjoy gazing up at the moon from time to time?

From pretending it's made of cheese to telling our children there's a man up there living on his own, our old nocturnal friend has been exciting our imaginations since time began.

No one more so than artist Laurent Laveder, who has turned his love for the moon into a brilliant series of photographs.

For him, the sky is anything but the limit as the moon is lassoed, cut out with scissors and tossed about like a ball - all achieved with some clever photography and some willing models.

The photos tap into the sense of wonder a good old sky gazing session can bring out in us - as well as lots of the playful, childhood associations we still have with the button in the sky.

They're also the subject of a new book - Quartier Libre - which features 48 pages of moon photography and calligraphy.

See a selection of Laveder's moon photographers below:

Moon Photos

For more from the series, check out Laurent Laveder's original gallery.