27/01/2012 04:49 GMT | Updated 27/01/2012 04:50 GMT

Amazing Tennis Ball Boy Catch At Federer-Nadal Australian Open Match (VIDEO)

During a game of cricket, you expect to see a decent catch or two. During a game of tennis? Well, not so much.

But that's just what tennis fans got at the recent Australian Open Federer-Nadal match, with 14-year-old Dylan Colaci plucking a stray ball out of the air, one-handed, after Roger Federer tossed it in his direction.

Thoroughly enjoying his 15 minutes of fame, Colaci said afterwards: ''I didn't have much time to think about it. I just stuck my hand out and the ball just stayed there. I couldn't believe it myself but then I just had to get straight on with the match."

"As soon as I got off court everybody was talking about it. My parents texted me and it was on Facebook,'' reports

It's not the first time a "ball kid" - as the Aussies call 'em - has made the news this Australian Open. Earlier this week, a ball girl got into the news after picking up a stray cockroach on the court.

But though there's no denying Colaci's skill here, we still think someone else has done better this year: New Zealand cricketer Bevan Small, whose boundary catch back on 10 January is still one of the finest catches we've ever seen. Check it out below if you don't believe us...