29/01/2012 13:14 GMT | Updated 29/01/2012 13:15 GMT

Cheryl Cole's Revenge On Simon Cowell After Landing 'The Voice' Guest Spot

Cheryl Cole appears to be cooking up a cold dish of revenge for her former boss Simon Cowell after he axed her from America's X Factor last year.

The Girls Aloud star is planning to perform her new single on BBC's upcoming talent show The Voice, at the same time as Simon's Britain's Got Talent airs on ITV.

Cheryl's manager, who will sit on The Voice's judging panel, is said to be determined that she makes her debut performance of the song on his show and is in discussions with producers to make it happen.

The Fight for this Love singer would be a massive ratings winner and scoop for The Voice.

A source tells the Star on Sunday: "Cheryl should be releasing her single when The Voice is on TV so it makes sense to combine the two.

"Not only will the performance be seen by millions of people, it will also be a good way for Cheryl to stick up a cheeky one finger salute at Simon."

Let the ratings battle commence!


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