30/01/2012 11:19 GMT | Updated 30/01/2012 16:47 GMT

Kendall Stewardson Gives Birth To 13lb Baby Asher Without Drugs Or Surgery (Video)

An Iowa woman has naturally delivered a 13lb 12oz baby without any pain relief.

Kendall Stewardson endured a 6 hour labour with her son Asher, after opting forgo a caesarean section.

The bouncing baby boy was born at Mercy Medical Centre last week, the same hospital where his brother Judah, came into the world weighing in at 12lbs.

Kendall, 23, said: “So, everyone like double takes when they see him, but for us it’s pretty standard and it wasn’t much worse than probably most people’s.”

Proud father Joshua told “Whenever anybody hears about it, they’re like ‘Oh my word!’ and she is kind of a hero.”

According to the national council of health statistics, only 1 in 1,000 newborns weighs more than 11lbs.

Baby Asher is the largest baby ever to be born at the hospital, reports, although the state record is held by a Johnson County baby born in 1980 at 14lbs 13oz.

Kendall added: “And he’s really sweet, so we got a good package at the end of it too.”