30/01/2012 12:14 GMT | Updated 31/03/2012 06:12 BST

Ryan Reynolds Thought His Career Was Over When He Walloped 'Safe House' Co-star Denzel Washington

Ryan Reynolds feared his career was over when he accidentally gave his Safe House co-star Denzel Washington a black-eye during a fight scene.

The two actors were scrapping in a moving car when Reynolds made contact with the Philadelphia star's face.

Washington explains, "Ryan gave me a black eye. There's a scene where I reach over to try and choke him where I have my handcuffs on and we were flying around in the car. He wasn't actually driving the car but it just happened - as I was reaching forward he was flying back. He went, pow!

"I never had a black eye in my life but I can't say that anymore!"

And Reynolds admits he thought he'd be asked to leave the set - and the film.

He adds, "That was my early retirement... It was weird to feel my face on fire."