30/01/2012 15:07 GMT | Updated 30/01/2012 15:08 GMT

First In-Competition Snowmobile Front Flip Recorded At Winter X Games 2012 In Aspen (VIDEO)

So this is unfair: not only does extreme sportsman - our term - Heath Frisby have an amazing name, but he's also the only person to ever front flip a snowmobile during an official competition.

Just. Not. Fair.

Also known as 'Friz', the Caldwell, Idaho-born Mr. Frisby has been an emerging talent at extreme sports competitions for years now, calling himself a professional "Freestyle Snowmobile and FMX Rider" on his website.

And just in case you're not into the whole extreme sports lingo, 'FMX' is short for freestyle motorcross - which makes Friz a 'freestyle freestyle motorcross rider'. We won't lie, we're impressed.

Anyway, this amazing footage of Frisby's trick we've got for you was taken at the Winter X Games 2012 in Aspen, Colorado - as was this shocking crash below, which shows Colten Moore flying 120ft into the air before crashing onto the ground later.

But don't worry - he got up fine afterwards, and even went on to win a gold medal later. As you do.