30/01/2012 11:33 GMT | Updated 31/03/2012 06:12 BST

Vincent Bousserez's Cheeky 'Plastic Life' Project

If you ever visit France and happen to see a man pulling a bag of miniature plastic figurines out of his backpack before arranging them on some piece of the scenery, don't be alarmed - it's probably just Vincent Bousserez.

The Parisian is a creative director at a marketing agency by day, but the creator of Plastic Life the rest of the time, carrying his 'little people' with him wherever he goes.

Inspired by a trip to a miniature model shop, Bousserez started planting miniature people against everyday objects to make them look like something else.

And so a roll of toilet roll becomes a snowy slope, a discarded cigarette butt becomes a target for toxic removal and an upturned bottle lid becomes a bath.

Elsewhere, someone's bottom even gets the Plastic Life treatment, becoming a walking path for a group of ramblers.

"That day I saw miniature trains, houses, trees and I was immediately captured by these little people," the artist explains.

"I stared at them thinking: I should choose one and shoot him in different places, in different situations. And I did."

A sense of humour runs through all of Bousserez's work, making it the kind of artistic photography everyone can appreciate.

"I take [the figures] on holiday, I take them everywhere. I could be anywhere and see stuff around me and the inspiration just comes naturally. I am like a child!"

Check out some our favourite shots from Plastic Life below - be warned though, they do contain a few rude bits!

Vincent Bousserez Miniature World