Meet The Russian Banksy: P183's Street Art Delights Moscow

Meet The Russian Banksy

All hail the new Bansky - Russian street artist P183.

A series of imaginative and witty guerrilla art that recalls the Bristolian at his best has begun to spring up around Moscow.

And just to extend the comparison further, P183, like our very own king of the street art underground, is an enigma: no one knows for sure who he is.

One thing we do know is that Banksy has been presented with a serious challenge to up his game if he wants to retain his status as the world's most admired street artist.

At various spots around Moscow, the base of a street lamp extends into a giant pair of reading glasses, hooded eyes peer over the ledge of a canal and shop doorways suddenly appear with riot police stood behind them.

Like Banksy, P183 combines a desire to make succinct political or social commentaries with a playful and mischievous desire to explore how street art can interact with its urban environment to create visual illusions.

More importantly, the work from both these artists is accessible and fun without being trivial.

What do you think of P183's work? Not as good as Banksy or better? Check out the gallery and let us know in the comment below...

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