31/01/2012 21:12 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Three-Year-Old Boy To Have Operation To Remove Parasitic Twin From His Stomach

Toddler to have surgery to remove his own twin from his stomach PA

A three-year-old boy will have an operation today to remove his own partially formed 'parasitic twin' embedded in his stomach.

Little Isbac Pacunda from Peru would have absorbed his 'twin' in his mother's womb.

The 'parasitic twin' weighs a pound and a half, is nine inches long and has some hair on its head. It is said to have eyes and some formed bones.

Dr Carlos Astocondor at Las Mercedes Hospital in Chiclayo said the condition occurs in about one of every 500,000 live births.

Dr Astocondor said the brain, heart, lungs and intestines never developed after the foetus was absorbed by the other foetus inside the mother's womb.

Isbac will have the operation today, which Dr Astocondor will carry out with a team of TWELVE other medics.

What an astonishing story - let's hope Isbac recovers well.

Recently we ran the story of little Deepak Paswaan, who had been dubbed The Eight Limbed Boy, celebrating after the removal of his parasitic twin.