31/01/2012 06:26 GMT | Updated 31/01/2012 07:24 GMT

Trev And Simon Return To Swing Their Pants (EXCLUSIVE)

Swing your pants and do your duvets, kids - because '90s kids' TV comedy heroes Trev and Simon are back! Back, we tell you!

And to prove it, they've set up a YouTube channel full of brand new videos - including the wonderful gem above, in which they interview their alter egos Don Singing and Bob Corner. Or as they're known to anyone between the ages of 30 and 45: The Singing Corner.

"It was great to meet Trev and Simon again after all those years. They look exactly the same except they look really old," Don Singing tells Huffington Post UK. "I was very nervous doing the interview: living in a cave for all those years means I lost a lot of my social skills. I'm very relaxed around goats, though. I still swing my pants - it's who I am, it's kind of like a religion. I call myself the Pope of Pants. Other people call me lots of other things - especially the rough boys on the street. We're rehearsing for a new show, 'SYP 2012'. It stands for 'Swing Your Pants 2012'. We don't pronounce it 'Twenty Twelve', though - we pronounce it 'Two K Dozen'."

And what does his musical partner Bob Corner make of the meeting? "It was lovely to see Trev and Simon again. Particularly the short one - he's my favourite," he tells us. "I'm so tired of saying 'Swing Your Pants', I now tend to just say 'SYP'. It saves time. Two K Dozen is an exciting year for us. We're hoping it leads on to even greater things in Two K Baker's Dozen."

Trev and Simon themselves were also kind enough to grant us an exclusive interview. Here's what they had to say about their comeback:

TREV: There's no big plan. Simon's got a Flip camera and we thought it would be fun to use it.

SIMON: Flip camera isn't Trev being rude. It's a brand name. It's HD, which I believe stands for Hilda Doolittle.

TREV: Simon is the Director. He has a special chair and everything. It doesn't have his name on it, though. Actually, it's not special at all, really. It's just a chair. It's not even his. It's mine.

SIMON: I wrote my name on the back of it. Trev's wife is not happy.

TREV: Simon is also the Editor. He edits our videos on a 15 year old PC. It gives the videos that retro shoddy feel that we liked back in the '80s. I'm Head of Location Services and Catering Manager - which basically means I go to my local shop and buy drinks and crisps, while Simon travels the 80 miles or so to my house. It's an arrangement that seems to work well, I think.

SIMON: I like working from Trev's house. He has central heating.

TREV: We've got some more video footage of our interview with the The Singing Corner still to be edited. It includes some exclusive bits of them rehearsing a new song - their version of Jessie J's Price Tag. It's called Pants Tag - who'd have guessed it?

SIMON: It's like they just take any old song and switch one of the words for 'pants'. I had a go at them over that one. I suggested they did a song called He's Got the Whole World In His Pants, and, astonishingly, they took me seriously.

TREV: We want to use therealtrevandsimon channel for anything we feel like doing - anything that tickles our fancy, really. Although I doubt anyone wants to see our fancies being tickled, but who cares? It's our channel and we'll tickle what we like.

SIMON: We had to call it 'therealtrevandsimon' channel because someone had already taken the simpler 'Trevandsimon' channel. Possibly us, and we've just forgotten the password.

TREV: We might do some more characters, old and new - we also hope to do some more documentary investigations - like our recent in-depth one about the Kent coast caves. Whatever we do, though, we guarantee we'll work really hard and spend many hours making it look like we just made it up as we went along.

SIMON: Trev's a natural when it comes to just talking out of his mouth. I need scripts. I can barely say 'hello' unless I have it written down.

TREV: We're more than happy if people want to suggest things for us to do - but we'll probably ignore them and just do what we want. That's the way we like to work.

SIMON: I like to work anywhere where there's central heating and a bit of food.

Marvellous. Here's to Trev and Simon characters old and new - and here's that in-depth documentary investigation about the Kent coast caves: