01/02/2012 11:00 GMT | Updated 01/02/2012 11:11 GMT

Isakin Jonsson, Cannibal Who Ate His Girlfriend, Finds Love With Vampire, Michelle Gustafsson, In Prison

A cannibal and a Satan-worshipping vampire have asked to be married behind the bars of their secure psychiatric hospital.

Isakin Jonsson, 33, and human vampire Michelle Gustafsson, 23, hope to be wed after falling in love via an internet messaging service in the high security Karsuddens psychiatric facility in Katrineholm, Sweden, The Sun reported.

Jonsson slit the throat of mother-of-five Helle Christensen, then sawed off her head and ate parts of her body. He then boasted about it on the internet.

Gustafsson stabbed a single father to death before drinking his blood. Both are expected to remain behind bars for the rest of their lives.

Jonsson said: “I love Michelle and have never met anyone like her. I want to live a non-criminal life.”

It has not yet been announced if the couple’s request will be approved, the Mirror reported.