01/02/2012 12:03 GMT

'One Man Phantom of the Opera' Proves That Nick Pitera Is A Bigger 'Phantom' Fan Than You (VIDEO)

Think you love Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera? Really, really love it? Well, however much you adore Erik, Christine and Raoul, we'd bet good money you don't love them as much as Nick Pitera does.

For those of you not already aware of his work online, Nick Pitera is the YouTube user famed for his Disney covers, notably his 'One Man Disney Movie' medley of March 2011.

This time he's gone one better, performing the songs of all three of Phantom's leads in this nine minute epic we've got for you above.

Accompanying the video with these words, "I am such a huge Phantom fan. Andrew Lloyd Webber is a genius! This is my attempt at paying tribute to such a great piece of musical history!", there's a certain amount of modesty to his talents, and on YouTube, that's a pretty impressive thing in itself.

But what are you reading this for? There's a golden-voiced YouTube sensation to listen to - singing Phantom, no less! And once you're done clicking replay for the fifth time, be sure to remind yourself of Pitera's love of Walt Disney's work by hitting play on his mega-medley below too.