01/02/2012 08:06 GMT

Let Them Eat Cake: Diamond Jubilee Honoured By The Cake Store

The Cake Store has turned its cake making genius to producing a sculpture of Her Majesty to kick start the Diamond Jubilee party celebrations this year.

The cake was designed and created by Steven Howard, who has been the creative director at the company for 15 years.

The huge cake resembles Her Majesty, and even includes a royal waive, handbag and a cosy corgi. It stands a giant four feet tall and weighs 15 kilos.

The Cake Store are busy creating lots of cake styles for street parties including a giant Union Jack made from fresh fruits and dairy cream.

Kevin and Tim Slatter's family have been creating amazing celebration cakes since the 1900's.

These days, the brothers and their team are often asked to provide their cake making wisdom for TV and their cakes have been at some of the hottest parties in town.

They've featured on Heston's Feasts, Celebrity Juice, Good Morning America and they've been cake makers to many A listed celebs.