01/02/2012 10:15 GMT | Updated 02/04/2012 06:12 BST

Top Ten Tech Gifts For St Valentine's Day

St Valentine's day on February 14 is much, much more than stuffed cheap teddy bears, nasty lingerie, over-priced roses, outrageously expensive restaurant bookings, hollow declarations... you get the picture.

It's a day to declare your love and prove it with a clever gift or e-card.

Just because something is red, pink or heart-shaped does not automatically make it an ideal Valentine's gift, especially if you're not a 15-year-old schoolkid.

We've trawled our favourite websites, the app store and to find you our top ten techy St Valentines' gifts.

Why limit yourself to a physical gift of a commercially-declared value when you could name a star for your loved-one? Babes Major, Honey My Love or Estella at 16B I want to mac on you*, are all catchy and lovely names for stars.

You will be able to peer at the star for eternity, or near enough, and you'll get a gift certificate to boot.

The cheapest way to celebrate St Valentine's day is with an e-card and no-one does e-cards like Someecards. Current wittitudes include "I can't believe how much I'm not sick of you", "Big dinners make me drowsy so let's do the sex part first" and "Be my Valentine if we're still dating then".

That's not to say you can't buy love. You can. With an iPhone cover by Diane Von Furstenburg, an iPad cover from Yves Saint Laurent, a laptop skin from Arnsdorf, heart-shaped earbuds from Marc by Marc Jacobs or a DAB radio or iPod dock.

Sciencey lovers, or haemotologists, might like the amazing test tube candelabra we found on Design Sponge. It's by a Polish designer, Pani Jurek, and was inspired by Marie Curie. Email Pani to get one of the candelabras by the 14th.

If you've got a fussy one on your hands, just buy them the new Sculpteo 3D printing app. Then they can print out whatever gift they like.

Of course, if you REALLY love someone, you love their face right off - and onto yours. Get their visage printed on a 3D mask. Maybe book a restaurant, get there before them and surprise them. They'll be delighted by the ultimate flattery, your true sign of devotion and the effort you've gone to.

*You can have those for free.