02/02/2012 07:51 GMT | Updated 02/02/2012 08:06 GMT

Come On, Own Up - Who Let Geri Loose With Her Felt Tips?

Well I think we know how this one went.

Geri - who is terrrrribly busy - walks into the design meeting at Next HQ.

Geri: "Listen up everyone, this won't take long. I've come up with the BEST idea for my next collection. You'll never guess what it is."

Next employee: "Errrrm, is it the Union..."

Geri: "Errr, hello? I'm talking. Yep, my idea is to design a range based on my totes amazeballs, and let's face it, iconic Union Jack dress. Any questions? No? Good. I'll finish the designs in the car on my way to pilates and email them over in like, 10 mins. Girl Power!"

Or something like that.

Yep, if you want (really, really want) to look like Geri circa 1997 then you're in luck because the artist-formerly-known-as-Ginger-Spice has designed a whole range of outfits featuring the Union Jack.

Well, it is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year.

The range will be available in selected Next stores from early March with prices starting at £18.

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Geri's Union Jack Collection