02/02/2012 08:05 GMT

Men Who Are Too Nice To Their Partners Spark Cheating Fears

It would seem men are damned if they do, damn if they don't when it comes to being the 'nice guy' - as a recent study reveals that men who are too nice to their other half, spark fears that they are cheating.

Researchers from a study by Kellogg's found that two thirds of women grow suspicious if their partner suddenly makes a grand romantic gesture, like breakfast in bed or a bunch of flowers.

And its not just romantic gestures women feel threatened by, but gifts like jewellery or underwear too. And if they show off 'new tricks' in the bedroom, that means they are guilty of cheating... in a woman’s head anyway.

A fifth of women assume that these out-of-the-blue changes signify their partner is having a full-blown affair, with most believing it’s his way of diverting the attention away from another misdemeanor.

But while two thirds of women say that if their suspicions were aroused, they would end the relationship, a further 30% admitted that they’d be happy to turn a blind eye if it meant that their partner was ‘more romantic’ and ‘easier to live with’.

In contrast, the study found that men become more suspicious of their partner cheating if they stop paying him attention and become more secretive than usual.

“Today’s work and life pressures have resulted in romantic gestures like making your wife or girlfriend breakfast in bed much more of a rare occasion,” says Louise Thompson Davies, from Kellogg's.

‘’This is why most women tend to reach for the panic button and suspect the worse when they are made a fuss over.

"The smallest changes in a man’s behaviour can set a women’s mind whirring and get them worrying.”

Jean Hannah Edelstein, author of relationship guide Himglish and Femalese: Why Women Don't Get Why Men Don't Get Them, added: "Women often associate traditional 'romantic' gestures with the early, courtship phase of a relationship when, in effect, their partner is trying to persuade them to make a commitment.

"Women tend to think that these gestures are empty once the commitment has been made and this kind of fuss is less common so they assume the worst. Which is a shame.

"If you are concerned about your partner's behaviour, it's best to express your concerns in a non-confrontational way, rather than jump to conclusions that the tray of cereal and eggs he has brought you is a sign of infidelity."

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