02/02/2012 07:38 GMT | Updated 03/04/2012 06:12 BST

Michael Fassbender Claims He Is A Passing Fad - 'Like The Hula Hoop'

Michael Fassbender has claimed he is just a passing fad, "like a hula hoop".

The award-winning star of A Dangerous Method and Shame has rocketed to fame, as well as soaring up the hottest men polls, but the Irish-German star has shrugged off the attention.

Fassbender told The Metro: "Nothing changes. My life continues how it is. It really is that simple.

"All this other stuff... it's kind of like the hula hoop.

"You know the hula hoop comes into fashion and everybody's doing the hula hoop and three years later it's that bouncing space hopper or the skateboard. So at the moment, a sort of amount of attention comes my way but it is what it is."

The 34-year-old actor also said he couldn't understand the hype around his full frontal nude scenes in Shame.He said: "I've done a lot of films where there is none of that stuff involved. People seem to latch on to it. What can I do?

"There is a lot of excitement about nudity which seems a bit strange considering a lot of us spend a lot of our time naked."

"Maybe we need to take a look at our relationship with sex and the female form. It seems to be more the norm to have a gun in your hand and shooting somebody and I've never done that."

Watch the trailer for A Dangerous Method below - no nudity involved: