02/02/2012 06:01 GMT | Updated 02/02/2012 06:03 GMT

Mitt Romney Gets Glitter Bombed And 14 Other Politicians Getting Stuff Thrown At Them (VIDEO)

Congratulations, Mitt Romney, you're a proper presidential hopeful now. After all, getting egg/flour/shoes/glitter thrown at you is a tried-and-true rite of passage, and you've passed with flying colours.

Brushing off the attack - literally - Romney called it celebratory confetti, rather than an attack from gay rights activists. What a line, eh? Almost as good as "I'm not concerned with the very poor" but perhaps not quite as catchy.

Elsewhere in the wide world of humiliated politicians, French presidential hopeful Francois Hollande also got a faceful from a protestor this week, with a large bag of white flour ending up all over him at a campaign appearance in Paris yesterday.

Take a look at the Romney glitter attack below, and after that our favourite egg-ings/shoe-ings/flour-ings of other politicians - from John Prescott to Nick Griffin, George Bush to Tony Blair, they're all here, and they're all looking awkward. Just the way you like them.