02/02/2012 08:02 GMT | Updated 10/02/2012 09:47 GMT

Siberian Husky Fosters Kitten (VIDEO)

Are you ready for the cutest video you'll watch today? Are you though? We don't think you are... OK, fine, here it is: a clip of a Siberian husky fostering a tiny kitten.

Kitten fans, husky lovers, you're most very welcome.

Posted by Vimeo user Adam Bilsing, this adorable footage of a Siberian husky looking after a tiny wee kitty-cat is enough to make even the stoniest-hearted melt in awe.

Appropriately titled 'Wolfmother' by Bilsing, the video contains precious few other clues. Where's the kitten's real mother? How come they get along so well?

Enquiries have been made, and as soon as Adam gets back to us, we'll get back to you - but for the time being, just click play and get your "Nawww..." on. Ah, go on. You know you want to.