03/02/2012 09:56 GMT | Updated 04/02/2012 07:15 GMT

Norman Lamb: The Business Minister Who Re-Mortgaged His House For Tinchy Stryder

Norman Lamb, the new business minister, is also known as the man who remortgaged his house to help rapper Tinchy Stryder kick start his career.

The MP for North Norfolk has been in parliament since 2001, and worked as a lawyer before going into politics. He put his home on the line to help Stryder after his son began working for the superstar singer's management team.

Other investors in Stryder's early career included a priest and several elderly relatives.

"At one stage," Lamb told the Guardian, "the average age of investors in Tinchy Stryder's career was about 85."

He added: "I heard Tinchy's music, heard the lyrics and I didn't see a problem. A lot of the lyrics are actually positive. It's dangerous going by stereotypes."

And Mr Stryder? In an interview in 2009, the rapper said of his manager, Lamb's son: "His dad's an MP - that's cool, he shows encouragement and good support."