06/02/2012 05:41 GMT | Updated 07/04/2012 06:12 BST

Would You Like To See Your Own 'Age-Map'?

At first glance, Bobby Neel Adams' creations look like some sort of terrifying Frankenstein’s monsters.

Actually what his Age-Map images represent is something even scarier: the inevitable process of aging.

Taking his subjects’ childhood photographs and merging them with their adult self, Adams creates montage portraits that he says "telescope the slow process of aging into a single picture".

Certainly in some cases the effect is startling – no doubt more so for their subjects than anyone else – and the interesting thing about Adams’ method is that it has all been down without the use of Photoshop or any editing software. A self-confessed ‘dinosaur’, the New York-based artist uses old-fashioned film instead.

Adams, who has been creating the series since the early 90s, explained: “the point at which the images are physically torn together represents the boundary line (or bridge) between decades.

“To me they provide an eerie life-map, staring towards our future.”

What do you think of Age-Map? Would you like to see your own? Check out the gallery below then let us know what you think.

To see more of Bobby Neel Adam’s work, check out his official website.